Feb 2012 CEO report-Ear and Hearing Workforce Project

Professional Development Training:

 Two Professional Development Equipment training dates are confirmed to be held in Queensland and South Australia in February and April.

 Refer NACCHO website for further info:

 Ear and Hearing Skill Set training: Six Registered Training Organisations members of ATSHIRTONN have confirmed their training dates for the delivery of the National Aboriginal Ear and Hearing Health Skill Set. 

Competencies:  The set that make up the National Skill Set are:

HLTAHW418A: Provide information and strategies in hearing and ear health

HLTAU402B: Conduct screening hearing tests for industrial hearing loss

HLTAU501C: Conduct screening hearing tests for children

 Trainers appointed: Gwen Troutman-Weir and Sandi Nelson have been contracted by NACCHO to provide training at the sites now able to deliver the National Aboriginal Ear and Hearing Health Skill Set.

 The Project Advisory Group has been established and will have its first face to face meeting in March 2012. 

 A National Trainers Workshop currently is being planned for March 2012.

 Ear and Hearing Conference: NACCHO is currently planning an Ear Health Conference to be held in May. Further information available soon.

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