May 2012 -Good Medicines Better Health Project (GMBH)

Good Medicines Better Health Project (GMBH)

Contracts: The Sub-contract between NACCHO and AHCWA has been finalised. AHCWA started training roll out in Feb 2012.The sub-contract with QAIHC has been finalised. Re scheduling of contracts are pending for a number of affiliates for various reasons. AMSANT and AHMRC contracts will be finalised by the end of June 2012 as they are the next affiliates to roll out the GMBH program.

Reference Group: AHCWA and QAIHC have joined the Reference Group, AMSANT and AHMRC will be invited to the next Reference Group meeting which will  be held at the Koorie Heritage Trust 295 King Street Melbourne 13th and 14th June to review the resources

NACCHO coordinates the GMBH national program and chairs the Reference Group meetings, NPS chairs the Evaluation Sub-committee and ATSIHRTONN chairs the Training Sub-committee.

Training and Community Information Resources  All training workbooks and  resources are still being reviewed for cultural and clinical contents and will be tabled at the next GMBH Reference Group meeting in June in Melbourne.

Evaluation of GMBH– Clear Horizon consulting have been engaged by National Prescribing Service to conduct the evaluation of  GMBH in South Australia and Victoria in 2012/2013, evaluation  expected to be completed June 30 2013, the purpose of the evaluation is to assess the impact of training for Aboriginal Health Workers around Quality Use of Medicines. 

To  focus on changes to AHWs  skills, knowledge, behaviour and practice as well as on the impacts of these changes on their clients, colleagues and community

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