Feb 2012 CEO report -QUMAX

Forum: The Department of Health & Ageing is funding a joint QUMAX/S100 Forum on the 26th & 27th March 2012. One funded position is available for each participating ACCHS and all NACCHO Affiliates. This symposium is for all ACCHSs and remote area Aboriginal Health Services. NACCHO is a core partner in developing the Forum and Marilyn is participating. Forum Presenters include the NACCHO Chairperson, NACCHO PHMO, Senior Policy Officer and others.

 Participation: 71 ACCHS are currently participating in QUMAX. ACCHS Work plans are submitted via the National Communication Network (NCN) and each work plan is approved on the system by NACCHO, PGoA and DoHA. The NCN logs the submission and approval dates. The first ACCHS submitted work plan was on 16 June 2011 and the last submission date for an approved work plan was 17 January 2012. All but 2 work plans have been approved to date, funding is contingent upon submission and approval of work.

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