NACCHO Women’s Health resources :New translated resources aim to promote BreastScreening to Aboriginal women


Breast screening. It’s an invitation that could save your life.

Posters and brochures in four community languages are now available, with each promoting the key message that breast screening can save your life.

The free posters and brochures are available in Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Torres Strait Islander Creole and Warlpiri, and are available to any health service or community organisation that would like to promote the importance of regular breast screening.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women in Australia, and the second most common cause of cancer related deaths.

Having a free BreastScreen test every two years is the best way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to detect breast cancer early, which could save their life.

Erica Higgins from the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association says it’s important for Indigenous women to hear these messages in their own language from another woman.

“Many speakers in this age group don’t read language as well as they understand hearing it,” she says.

“It’s reassuring to the translators who have worked on these materials to know that they are doing their bit towards promoting health messages of this sort, especially for their own women.”

The Australian Government has expanded the invitation for free breast screening to include all women aged 70 to 74.

The easiest way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to get a test is to call 13 20 50 and make an appointment at their nearest BreastScreen Australia clinic, or visit one of the mobile clinics when it comes to their community.

Translated copies of an animated video explaining the importance of breast screening and the process used during a breast screen will also be available in the near future.

For copies of the translated brochures and posters, please email

Breast screening. It’s an invitation that could save your life.


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