Congress Alice Springs a monumental decision, members vote for change.

2012-12 CAAC Board  CEO

In what is undoubtedly a monumental decision, the members of Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (‘Congress’) have voted to transfer the organisation to become registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act).

Left to right:The new board

 Chansey Paech, Donna McMasters, Dawn Ross (Treasurer), Chippy Miller, Joe Hayes, William Tilmouth (President), Donna Ah Chee (CEO).

 For almost 40 years, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Inc. (‘Congress’) has provided holistic primary health care services to Aboriginal people in Alice Springs and Central Australia. Congress has grown to be the largest Aboriginal community-controlled health organisation in the Northern Territory and, until this point, has been registered under the Associations Act NT 2003.

The changes were voted on as Congress held a General Meeting today at the Alice Springs Convention Centre, attended by 93 members.

A new board was elected (to be formed upon the registration of Congress under the CATSI Act) and will remain in place until the next Annual General Meeting in late 2013.

Members of the new board are:

 William Tilmouth (President)

 Dawn Ross (Treasurer)

 Joseph Hayes (General)

 Donna McMasters (General)

 Chippy Miller (General)

 Chansey Paech (Youth)

The meeting also voted to accept a new rule book (Constitution) for Congress.

“I’d just like to thank the community for attending today, and for electing me as President,” said President-elect William Tilmouth. “I’ve always been known for strong accountability, and strong accountability to the people we serve; it’s because of them that we exist.

“It’s encouraging to see the new board and their enthusiasm to work with management to bring about the necessary changes in order to meet the charter of Congress and the expectations of government and the community.

“I’m also a strong believer in partnerships; we need community relationships in order to deliver services to the people who need them most.

“We are no longer a closed shop,” Mr Tilmouth added. “We are committed, as the new board, to being open and transparent.”


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