NACCHO chair launches Australia’s first Aboriginal Health Newspaper at AGM

Koori Mail Handover

Picture Above: Board Director of the Koori Mail Trevor Kapeen presents the first copy of Australia’s first Aboriginal Health Newspaper to Chair of NACCHO Justin Mohamed on the opening day of the NACCHO AGM in Perth.

Working with Aboriginal community controlled and award-winning national newspaper the Koori Mail, NACCHO aims thru NACCHO Health News to bring relevant information on health services, policy and programs to NACCHO members and key industry stakeholders at a grassroots level.


NACCHO will leverage the brand, coverage and award-winning production skills of the Koori Mail to produce a 20-28 page three times a year, distributed as a ‘lift-out’ in the 14,000 Koori Mail circulation, as well as an extra 5000 copies to be sent directly to NACCHO member organisations across Australia.

“We have learned that most of the communication around these important Aboriginal health areas tend to float around the top echelons of the government and non-government sectors,” said NACCHO chairman Justin Mohamed.

“Our intention is to broaden the reach of this information, landing in the waiting rooms  and tea rooms of community health clinics, community centres, program offices and other places accessed daily by primary health care workers and our clients .

“While NACCHO’s website and annual report have been valued sources of information for national and local Aboriginal  health care issues for many years, the launch of NACCHO Health News creates a fresh, vitalised platform that will inevitably reach audiences beyond the boardrooms,” Mr. Mohamed said

“This is a tremendous leap for the dissemination of health information across our Aboriginal  population,” Mr Mohamed noted. “Never before has such valuable and relevant health information become so accessible to this sector. If you have a message or job opportunity you want to get into the Aboriginal primary health care sector, NACCHO Health News is your ideal media.”

The first edition of NACCHO Health News hit the presses on November 17 and was promoted heavily via various media channels and social media outlets.

To book an advertisement and/or have your article considered for publication in the April 2014 edition , please contact the NACCHO media team on 02 6246 9309 or email