Aboriginal health careers: Go on make your mob proud’ AHMRC TV commercial


The Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Wales ( AH&MRC)  has worked in collaboration with Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health University of Sydney (BHUDRHUS) on a health career promotion project with students from Bourke High School and the staff of Bourke Aboriginal Health Service.


The project is targeted at high school students and is about encouraging them to consider careers in health by having hands on clinical experiences.

 The activities that the students participated in at Bourke Aboriginal Health Service were provided by staff from the service and a student doctor from Sydney University.

 The collaboration has resulted in the production of a TV commercial that is being shown over there weeks.

 ‘Go on make your mob proud!’ TV Commercial – Imparja and GO TV stations over three weeks:

 Week 1-Saturday 30th June to Friday 6 July 2012;

Week 2-Monday 17 September to Sunday 23 September 2012; and

Week 3-Sunday 4 November to Saturday November 2012.

More about the project

What is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS)?

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) sometimes called Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) are health services which are developed and managed by Aboriginal people to provide culturally appropriate primary health care programs for Aboriginal people and communities. There are over 50 ACCHS in NSW offering a wide range of job opportunities.

Why work in an ACCHS?

You are working to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. Each person working at an ACCHS is contributing to improving the health of the local community. The work is interesting and includes opportunities for ongoing training and promotion. Potentially you could find a job in over 140 locations across Australia.

What jobs are on offer?
  • Administration roles;
  • Aboriginal Health Workers;
  • Nurses;
  • Doctors;
  • Allied Health, such as Dieticians, Psychologists, Physiotherapists;
  • Drug and Alcohol workers;
  • Mental Health and Social and Emotional Wellbeing workers;
  • Management such as team leaders, practice managers, deputy CEOs and CEOs;
How do I get a job at an ACCHS?
How do you start a career at an ACCHS?

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