NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Racism : Associate Professor Peter O’Mara, Chair of @RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health “ Differences in health outcomes are ‘absolutely’ linked to systemic and institutionalised racism in Australia.”

” I can recount ‘hundreds’ of similar experiences and that ‘every Aboriginal person’ would have comparable stories – Aboriginal ethnicity is the strongest predictor of Discharge Against Medical Advice ( DAMA  )and occurs at a rate eight times that of the … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Racism Debate : “Racism ‘alive and it’s kicking’ @June_Oscar Indigenous commissioner challenges Chin Tan our new @AusHumanRights Race Discrimination Commissioner’s stance

” I’m hearing from women and girls across the country that racism is one of the key emerging issues. I know from my own personal experiences that racism is alive and it’s kicking.” “It’s critical that he as the new … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Racism : Ode to Ms Dhu a powerful means to expose racism and demand justice

 ” Racism mires this nation, despite the denials of the many who reduce the debate to a minimum. Unsurprisingly, our state and federal governments remain idly quiet, as their parliaments do not reflect the demography of the nation in their … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Racism Media Alert : #FirstNations challenges #OneNation to #defineAboriginal and #FirstContact

 and on the same day First Contact started its 3 big nights see story 2 below    The views of the former One Nation politician were always going to be controversial but we didn’t know how extreme until now. “Frankly … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health And Racism : News Ltd declares war on #18C and the ABC

  ” Various newspapers, but particularly the Australian, have been publishing articles for years blaming violence in Aboriginal communities on traditional culture, or questioning Indigenous funding, or aspects of Indigenous identity, and even though I find many of these articles … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and racism : #LowitjaConf2016 : Fitzroy Crossing: Is the real human crisis forgotten in debate over rights #18C and Bill Leak

  “It is frustrating because we are talking about a really basic human right here,” “You would think there would be priority for high-quality, early-years education for children who need it most — children who have every right to it. … Continue reading

Aboriginal Health and Racism: Stan Grant’s speech on racism: Is this Australia’s ‘Martin Luther King moment’?

 ‘Australians need to acknowledge the two centuries of “dispossession, injustice and suffering” faced by my ancestors. “We are in so many respects the envy of the world,But I stand here with my ancestors and the view looks very different. “Every time we are … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Racism : The power of social media supporting Adam Goodes

“On an individual level, exposure to racism is associated with psychological distress, depression, poor quality of life, and substance misuse, all of which contribute significantly to the overall ill-health experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Prolonged experience of … Continue reading

NACCHO Aboriginal health and racism: All Australians have the right to be protected against racial discrimination and vilification

Statement from the Co-Chairs of Reconciliation Australia, Dr Tom Calma AO and Melinda Cilento Today NACCHO joins our fellow Australians from the Greek, Jewish, Chinese, Arab, Armenian and Korean communities in expressing our strong view that all Australians have the right … Continue reading