Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander #FASD Health #visiblehealthwarning : Voting 6 – 4 Food ministers prioritise the community’s safety and health agreeing to a visible pregnancy health warning on alcohol products  

“Collectively, we genuinely thank the Food Ministers for implementing a warning that will benefit the community and reduce Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

The Ministers were encouraged to do the right thing by almost four thousand community leaders and advocates and more than 180 community, health, medical and research organisations.

This decision made today by Ministers will improve the health and wellbeing of Australian families and communities for generations to come. It’s commendable that Ministers are now introducing a pregnancy health warning which the evidence has proven will effectively alert people to the significant risks of alcohol exposure in pregnancy.

Having a red, black and white label is so important so the message can be understood by all Australians regardless of their literacy levels or cultural backgrounds,” 

FARE CEO Caterina Giorgi see Part 1 below for full press release


For 6 : New Zealand, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, the NT and the ACT

Against 4 : Federal , New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland (  voted down )

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“We very much welcome this decision to protect the health and future of thousands of Australian children today through approving stronger and more visible pregnancy health warnings on alcohol.

This decision is one that is based on sound evidence for effective warning labels that will help to deter pregnant women from consuming alcohol and protect their baby from the damaging effects this can cause through Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.”

It’s been a long road to this decision, with mandatory labels having been discussed for more than a decade. Finally, this label will provide clear, visible information to help increase awareness of the harms caused by consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

It is also fantastic to see an example of Australian leaders supporting a preventive health policy which is based on evidence. It will save the country countless future costs in the health care and other sectors, and we hope to see more such policies in future.”

We congratulate the hundreds of organisations who have campaigned tirelessly for this change and the thousands of individuals who have shown their support – this was a joint effort to advocate for the public’s health and all those involved should be proud of this achievement,”

PHAA CEO Terry Slevin

200717 Pregnancy labels outcome

Part 1 Fare Continued:  Food safety Ministers in Australia and New Zealand have listened to the community and put the health and safety of families first by agreeing to introduce an effective health warning on alcohol products.

Ministers have today agreed to the recommendation of Food Standards Australia New Zealand which is a red, black and white warning, with the signal wording ‘pregnancy warning’.

NOFASD Australia COO Sophie Harrington says, “Tens of thousands of Australian families who are impacted by FASD are celebrating today’s decision, because they know how significantly this lifelong disability affects the health and wellbeing of our loved ones”.

“This new mandatory label will go a long way to improve community awareness of the risks of drinking alcohol throughout pregnancy, and will result in fewer babies born with FASD in years to come,” Ms Harrington said.


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