NACCHO Aboriginal Health and Pharmacy / Medicines News : @NPSMedicineWise ACCHO’s / AMS’s are invited to have your say : Prescribing Competencies Framework update for Australian health professionals 

” NPS MedicineWise is undertaking a review and refresh of the competencies required to prescribe medicines and are now seeking participants to provide initial input for Stage 1 of the review. 

We invite ACCHOs to contact by Monday July 8th  to express your interest and nominate an appropriate contact person within your organisation.  

Further information about the project is available below and at “

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The review will ensure the framework is up to date and relevant and supports quality prescribing decisions by all prescribers.

The Prescribing Competencies Framework details the practice expectations of Australian prescribers, including the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to safely and effectively prescribe medicines.

The framework plays a vital role in informing both the prescribing practice expectations of eligible registered health professionals and the prescribing curriculum, as recommended by the Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway project.

It is important that the Prescribing Competencies Framework remains relevant for all prescribers in our changing health environment.

Throughout this review, feedback will be sought from current users and stakeholders of the Prescribing Competencies Framework representing multiple sectors.

Once completed and endorsed the framework will be made available for other organisations and bodies to embed into their systems and standards for different health professional groups.

The project will be supported by an Expert Reference Group comprising representatives of regulatory, accreditation and consumer organisations, including NACCHO.

This group will ensure the review is undertaken with a fair, balanced and inclusive approach and that all relevant perspectives are considered. A small working group comprised of NPS MedicineWise and QUT representatives will undertake the review in consultation with the Expert Reference Group.

The Prescribing Competencies Framework review will be undertaken in two stages.

Stage one involves a comprehensive survey to gather feedback from current and emerging prescribers regarding the existing framework. Feedback will be used to develop an updated draft of the framework. 

Stage two involves consulting a broad stakeholder group to seek feedback on the updated draft Framework. This will be used to identify further refinements to finalise the updated document.

In order to ensure we incorporate robust feedback and insights into the refresh process we will be consulting broadly so please feel free to share this information within your own networks.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this project, please contact Aine Heaney, Client Relations at or phone (02) 8217 9230.

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