NACCHO Aboriginal Health #Healing #UluruStatement from the Heart 36 of 36 Final of our #VoteACCHO Posts :@RecAustralia has released a roadmap of priority steps the next federal parliament should take to advance #reconciliation

 ” As Australians prepare to go to the polls this Saturday, Reconciliation Australia has released a roadmap of priority steps the next federal parliament should take to advance reconciliation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The document proposes key policy priorities to address the unresolved issues of reconciliation. These include legislation setting out support, a timeframe, and the process for advancing the issues proposed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Reconciliation Australia roadmap also calls for urgently renewing and increasing investments to meet expanded Closing the Gap targets. ”

The CEO of Reconciliation Australia, Karen Mundine

Download the Roadmap HERE

Reconciliation Aust 2019-federal-election-key-asks

Reconciliation Australia regularly surveys the community, publishing the results in the Australian Reconciliation Barometer.

Ms Mundine, says the Barometer shows the great majority of Australians support reconciliation and the demands of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and expect the next parliament to act decisively.

“There is a national convergence between the aspirations of First Nations people, as reflected in the Uluru Statement, and the views of non-Indigenous Australians who overwhelmingly back a constitutionally enshrined First Nations voice in Parliament and a comprehensive process of truth telling. This presents the next federal parliament with a rare mandate and opportunity to advance the national reconciliation agenda.” Ms Mundine said.

Watch video Here

The next federal parliament should immediately commit to support truth telling initiatives at a local, regional and national level by establishing a community grants program to initiate and support truth telling projects, and the development of resources to support this.

“The establishment of a national healing centre, reform of the national school curriculum to better encompass Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history and consideration of a national truth and reconciliation commission to support a process of truth telling should all be on the next federal parliament’s first term agenda.”

Karen Mundine says the roadmap also calls for continued support of Reconciliation Australia’s work.

“Reconciliation Australia continues to lead the national reconciliation process and that role needs to be boosted over the next three years to enhance the momentum for change,” said Ms Mundine. “These proposed actions set a solid foundation from which to build a truly just, equitable and reconciled Australia.”

Welcome to our special NACCHO #Election2019 #VoteACCHO resource page for Affiliates, ACCHO members, stakeholders and supporters. The health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is not a partisan political issue and cannot be sidelined any longer.

NACCHO has developed a set of policy #Election2019 recommendations that if adopted, fully funded and implemented by the incoming Federal Government, will provide a pathway forward for improvements in our health outcomes.

We are calling on all political parties to include these recommendations in their election platforms and make a real commitment to improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and help us Close the Gap.

With your action and support of our #VoteACCHO campaign we can make the incoming Federal Government accountable.

More info HERE 

NACCHO Acting Chair, Donnella Mills

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