NACCHO Aboriginal Health #Election2019 : A Labor Government will become the first political party to put in place a #RAP #ReconciliationActionPlan – and commits to us having a #voice in the party, in our parliament, and in our society.

 ” A Shorten Labor Government will become the first political party to put in place a Reconciliation Action Plan – committing our party to practical measures to give First Australians a voice in our party, in our parliament, and in our society.

For Labor, reconciliation and recognition is about ensuring that First Nations people have the same rights, opportunities and outcomes as every other Australian. Labor’s Reconciliation Action Plan includes strategies to work to better understand how to improve the current involvement of, and relationships with, First Nations People.”

From Labor Party Press Release in full below : More information on Labor’s Reconciliation Action Plan can be found here DOWNLOAD 

Labor Party reconciliation-action-plan

Bill Shorten Speech 

Download a full copy HERE Bill Shorten Speech

Labor recognizes its role in building a more equitable relationship – one in which the rights and obligations flow both ways. This includes a commitment to establishing a Voice and enshrining it in the Constitution. It is our first priority for Constitutional change.

Labor’s Reconciliation Action Plan is a practical plan with measurable timeframes – ensuring that at every level of our party we are constantly building our understanding of the issues that affect First Nations People’s equality and aspirations, and developing practical ideas for achieving sustainable change.

These goals have eluded us as a nation for more than two centuries. It is time for that to change – and Labor wants to lead this change.

Reconciliation and recognition is about acknowledging – and celebrating – the unique place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first people and custodians of

Australia and recognising the need for change through real partnerships.

In doing this Labor can continue to lead the way on our nation’s path to Recognition, Reconciliation and Justice.

A fair go for Australia also means a fair go for First Nations People.


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