NACCHO #NojunkfoodInsport Campaign : An #Olympic diet of fatty burgers, fries and soft drinks will not win gold .

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Health groups are launching an anti-junk food campaign to coincide with the start of the Olympics.

LiveLighter will use advertisements  to push the message that a diet of fatty burgers, fries and soft drinks does not lead to gold medals.

FACT :  The Australian Olympic Team is sponsored by Coke, Mcdonalds and Cadbury


Campaign organisers are also trying to convince the millions of Australians who will be spending time on the couch watching the Olympics not to binge on junk food.


LiveLighter nutrition and physical activity manager Steve Pratt said junk food and sugary drinks should not sponsor sport.


It was a conflicting message, celebrating healthy athletes then being bombarded by junk food marketing.


“Except in those brief moments after competition, athletes follow nutrition plans based on core foods such as lean meat, reduced fat dairy, wholegrain cereals, fruit and vegetables,” he said.

Mr Pratt said studies showed that endorsement of a product by an athlete increased sales, particularly to children.

“About 95 per cent of Australians eat too much junk food and almost two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, so we should be thinking about reducing the amount of junk food advertising instead of more,” he said.

“Junk food companies wouldn’t sponsor major sporting events if it wasn’t profitable for them. And people can expect to be bombarded with their messages during the Olympics.”

So why not take this best advice ever from the fast food industry !

NACCHO Campaign 2013 : Our ‘Aboriginal communities should take health advice from the fast food industry’ campaign eventually  went global, reaching more than  20 million Twitter followers.



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