NACCHO 10 th Anniversary Close the Gap invitation to host travelling photographic exhibition


Aboriginal Health in Aboriginal Hands for Healthy Futures Exhibition and travelling road show 2016

Invitation to:

NACCHO Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation members

NACCHO Affiliates

NACCHO Stakeholders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies

National Peak body Health organisations

Research groups

NACCHO partners and supporters

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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Close the Gap Campaign for the governments of Australia to commit to achieving equality  for Indigenous people in the areas of health and  life expectancy within 25 years.

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) in partnership with Wayne Quilliam Photography has developed a visual narrative that has been created to foster awareness, exploration and understanding of Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands.

Our exhibition of 20 + photographic images, melded with a series of video interviews embedded within the images will stimulate individual thinking and dialogue relating to the 10th anniversary of ‘Close the Gap’ campaign celebrated in March 2016.

The exhibition will launched at Parliament House on 17 th March National Close the Gap Day

The series of interviews will engage and educate the viewer with valuable insight into the personal and professional health journeys of ACCHO board members, CEO’s, medical staff, Aboriginal Health Workers, Health Promotion Teams and community members.

This project has been developed to allow Aboriginal people across the country to share their views, dreams, aspirations and thoughts relating to the importance of Aboriginal Health In Aboriginal Hands for healthy futures.

And in an election year to showcase the why investment in the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health is vitally important to Close the GAP


In May 2015 NACCHO engaged a production team to record and edit interviews with Aboriginal health leaders and community members in approx. 20 urban, rural and remote member locations throughout all states and territories of Australia. At each site NACCHO will be producing a summary 30 minute (approx.) video featuring interviews with the board, CEO, medical, Aboriginal Health Workers, Health Promotion Teams and community members.

Wayne Quilliam award winning Aboriginal photographer was appointed Creative Director to record videos and still photographs with Yale MacGillivray a young Aboriginal woman appointed Managing Editor for the project. The original pilot and Redfern AMS was produced by NITV


All 300 (approx.) full interviews will be available for viewing on NACCHO TV YouTube channel and website (subject to members and interviewee approval) and videos and photographs will be available to each NACCHO participating member service for websites and community CDS etc.

Once edited down into a 30 minute format all 20 episodes will be made available to NITV and other Aboriginal media groups for broadcast and other projects  All Interviews footage will also be available for specialist educational video compilations for governance, management, doctors, Aboriginal Health Worker etc.


Proposed Close the Gap 10th Anniversary National Aboriginal Healthly Futures photography and video Exhibition roadshow 2016

It is proposed to develop a travelling interactive roadshow consisting of approx. 20 images from the series to achieve the following objectives:

Healthy Futures Videos will highlight how investing in NACCHO the national authority in comprehensive Aboriginal primary health care and its 150 members will lead to generational change and Close the Gap

In our Healthy Futures Videos interviews with ACCHO chairs, board members CEOs Management Doctors Dentists, chemists Aboriginal Health Workers/Allied Health workers and health promotional teams they will highlight how our national Aboriginal health leaders’ play an important role in ensuring Aboriginal health remains in Aboriginal hands thru our vast network of these Aboriginal community controlled health organisations.

Healthy Futures Videos will highlight success stories that our Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) are making towards Closing the Gap targets and key priorities in areas such Early Childhood development

Healthy Futures Videos will illustrate how keeping our people well and on the road to good health through our ACCHOs is a key principle objective of NACCHO and all our members.

Healthy Futures Videos will highlight how we achieve this is by working in collaboration with our national partners and stakeholders to address the expansion of our health services and to meet the growing health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban, rural and remote Australia.

Front Page Postive picThe Exhibition

Using QR codes these images will link to interviews thru your phone or Ipad.

The CTG exhibition will be launched at Parliament House Canberra on the Anniversary 17  March and then make the portable exhibition available to participating members and affiliates to hold their own state based events. The exhibition will also be offered to other major Aboriginal and Health conferences who wish to celebrate Aboriginal Health and Close the Gap.

Alicia Hari a Health Promotion Officer and Lucretius Willett a Healthy Lifestyle Officer at the Gurriny Yealamuca Health Service in Yarrabah FNQ are just two of the approx.300 board , staff and community in 20 urban, regional and remote NACCHO member organisations being interviewed for our “ Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands for healthy futures “ video series and 2016 photographic exhibition road show


Colin Cowell Project consultant TEL 0401 331 215 Email

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