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NACCHO is developing interactive map-based decision support tools to assist Member Services with:

  • CQI in their clinical and business operations;
  • improving their reporting accountability to communities and funding bodies; and
  • strengthening the competitiveness of their funding applications for service growth to regional commissioning entities such as Primary Health Networks and the IAS.

Accessibility to ACCHOs is a principal determinant of health outcomes for hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Maps have been prepared using an array of publicly available data sets to show a “Baseline Profile” for ACCHOs on a regional basis. Maps have already been posted to NACCHO’s web site for WA, NT and QLD. Maps for the other jurisdictions are being posted in December 2015.

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The NACCHO Secretariat will work with interested Affiliates to enhance these Profiles by adding de-identified data from contributing ACCHOs and regional groups of ACCHOs to strengthen their funding applications to commissioning bodies such as PHNs.

These “Enhanced Profiles” will only be accessible by the individual ACCHO or regional group of ACCHOs, the Affiliate and NACCHO.  The Enhanced Profiles will not appear on the NACCHO website.

Areas of concentrations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people based on the ABS 2011 Census. These maps show how the location of ACCHOs is aligned to the population distribution. The maps also show where there are concentrations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for whom there is no access to an ACCHO. New maps will be added to show population health data.

NACCHO is currently working to combine population, socio-economic and health need data, service activity and location data to confirm priority “areas-of-unmet need” or what the PHNs refer to as “market failure”. These are potentially locations for service delivery expansion by the ACCHO Sector.

NACCHO and its Member Services are progressing with mapping all service delivery locations, the first time this has been undertaken on a national basis.

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