NACCHO employment opportunity: National Client Quality Co-ordinator



” This position will be a national quality champion for the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) Sector’s approach to culturally safe comprehensive primary health care.”

National Client Quality Co-ordinator (Full Time)

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) Canberra

Teaming with other NACCHO secretariat staff, affiliated state and territory ACCHO peak bodies (Affiliates) and the Member network of direct service providers the role will identify enablers and challenges for continuous quality improvement (CQI).

The points of major quality focus being the effectiveness and satisfaction experienced by clients /patients for care journeys coordinated via ACCHO Service level clinical teams and the equally important teamwork of chronic diseases prevention and support for healthy living choices.

Working closely with Affiliates and regional and local Member Services the position will facilitate a nationally consistent ACCHO Sector approach for implementation of the National CQI Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care being introduced by the Department of Health. A pivotal objective of this implementation will be to support local Member Services flexibly develop and take forward annual plans for CQI including the application of Plan-Do-Study- Act (PDSA) cycles.

The role will also communicate the experiences, issues, and learnings from these local CQI initiatives as high level advocacy and policy advice to the NACCHO Board and Government especially for Closing the Gap.

We are looking for an experienced quality improvement specialist possessing an informed understanding of the ACCHO Sector’s models of care with a tertiary degree in a recognised health, management or policy discipline.

You will have excellent listening and engagement skills with local clinical teams and communities, a capacity to work collaboratively and strategically with state and territory Affiliates and excellent evidence based, analytical and policy targeted writing abilities that develop and coordinate a national response and position.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Person interested in this role, we strongly encourage an application.

You would be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Facilitation of national network meetings and workshops
  • Collaboratively preparing and taking forward a national level ACCHO Sector CQI Plan which mutually informs and is strengthened by interlocking Sector plans and CQ I actions at state/territory , regional and local levels.
  • Preparing CQI templates and tools for user friendly application by local Member Services ACCHO Sector with measures for monitoring and evaluating
  • Developing measures for monitoring and evaluating CQI effort for the ACCHO Sector at the ‘system level’ as a national client service system.
  • Regular evidence based analytical report writing that accurately translates Member Services CQI experiences into targeted policy advice for the Board and Government.

If you believe your skills and experience match the above, please forward a covering letter outlining your skills and experience and a copy of your resume to:

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