NACCHO begins production “Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands “a 20 episode video series


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Work has begun in June on “Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands for health futures “a 20 episode series that will highlight how investing in Aboriginal community controlled health will lead to generational change and Close the Gap.

It’s “Redfern AMS Now” in a new NACCHO video project

Speaking at the launch of the series Lisa Briggs Naccho CEO said as Redfern AMS was the first Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service in Australia she thought it was appropriate that NACCHO partnered with the Redfern community to produce the first pilot.

Pictured below Redfern CEO Laverne Bellear


“The purpose of the “Project” will be to showcase our members the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) on the role and function ACCHOs are making in the health system and towards the Close the Gap as part of our stakeholder engagement in all settings, as there is a lack of understanding by many politicians, bureaucrats the general public and even our own community which we hope to improve through this initiative” Ms Briggs said

NACCHO has engaged NITV and a team of communication professionals lead by Julie Nimmo (NITV) and Colin Cowell (NACCHO Media) to record and edit interviews with Aboriginal health leaders, ACCHO health professionals and community members in 20 urban, rural and remote member locations throughout all states and territories of Australia.


Ms Briggs said that each episode would be approx. 30 minutes in length and follow a standardised question and answer format that would achieve a number of communication objectives including highlighting

  • Success stories that our Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) are making towards Closing the Gap targets and key priorities in areas such Early Childhood development
  •  How ACCHO’s achieve this is by working in collaboration with national partners and stakeholders to address the expansion of our health services and to meet the growing health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban, rural and remote Australia.

“We will be launching the series at NACCHO’s AGM in November and negotiations are underway to broadcast the series on NITV” Ms Briggs said

For further information on the project contact Colin Cowell EMAIL


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