NACCHO Aboriginal health TV alert: Inawintji’s story on Living Black


 Chronic lifestyle diseases have become one of the leading causes of death among Indigenous Australians. And for those who live with severe cases in remote communities the risk is higher — and it often means re-locating to a city just to get treatment.
Inawintji Williamson is an Anangu woman from the APY lands who suffers from Renal Disease a secondary condition of type 2 diabetes, diagnosed 20 years ago.  In 2007, she had no choice but to relocate to Adelaide so she could receive life-saving dialysis treatment and has been in the city ever since. Living away from home puts a  huge strain on her – she is forced to be away from her land, her family and her friends.
@hannahhollis speaks to Inawinytji Williamson about Aboriginal health in remote communities, tonight 15 June 5pm on Living Black SBS
Inawintji has been given the opportunity to go home and visit her dying father and see her extended family again. None of her immediate family are alive as they have all passed away from preventable deaths. Through Inawintji’s story, Living Black journalist Hannah Hollis investigates the impact that colonisation has had on the Indigenous community.

Dialysis on the mobile Truck

Inawintji has also played an important role in the development of Mai Wiru, an organisation committed to improving the health of people living on remote communities, through the provision of accessible and affordable food.

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