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Ear and Hearing Training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

NACCHO Ear and Hearing Project

The Ear and Hearing Training for the Aboriginal Health Worker Workforce Project is funded under the Australian Government Improving Eye and Ear Health Services for Indigenous Australians for Better Education and Employment Outcomes COAG measure, and supports implementation of this measure. The overall measure aims to improve the early detection and treatment of eye and ear health conditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, leading to improved education and employment outcomes.

NACCHO has been funded for five phases of the project by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Section of the Department of Health and Ageing.

The project so far has enabled 101 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers to undertake the accredited training through ten Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s). A further 265 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers have attended Professional Development training and an in this phase there will be up to 115 training places available for eligible Aboriginal Health Workers


Description of training

NACCHO has engaged with RTO’s to deliver the Ear and Hearing Skill Set for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care training. The units of competency will encompass those that make up this training, namely;

HLTAHW025: Provide information and strategies in hearing and ear health
To be deemed competent a candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and contingencies in the context of the job role.The training delivered under this unit will enable the candidate:
• determine priorities and potential areas to be addressed in health promotion based on community and individual client needsPromote health care including:
• providing accurate information about the nature, incidence and potential impacts of particular health conditions in relation to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities
• present accurate information about the importance of regular checks, compliance with treatment regimens and medications, and the need to follow-up and monitor health problems
• discuss risk factors relating to specific health problems
• providing practical advice relating to maintaining good health

Provide support to clients, including:
• provide guidance about health issues
• using culturally appropriate educational resources for health programs
• provide information about resources available in community and state-wide
• offer blood pressure checks, checking medication dosages and blood glucose readings
• support clients to take a self-care approach to maintaining health
• make appropriate referrals for clients
• identify clients who require follow-up for health issues and initiating procedures to support their ongoing health care.

In order for a student to successfully complete the each of the units they must show evidence of their ability to complete tasks outlined and demonstrate their knowledge to effectively perform the tasks required of the individual units and be assessed as competent.

Training will take place over two week period (2 x one week long blocks). This Skill Set provides a pathway for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health workers to specialise in the provision of ear and hearing health. Additionally, the Skill Set units may provide credit towards Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care qualifications at the Certificate IV level or higher.

Eligible participants

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHO’s), Aboriginal Health Workers (AHW’s) that are eligible to attend the training will be given first priority.

Eligibility is based on those ACCHO’s that received audiometry equipment through funding provided by the Department of Health, with equipment supplied by Sonic Innovations. To check your organisations eligibility please use the dropped down list that is supplied below.

AHW’s wanting to participate in training must meet the first three criteria, and preferably one or more of the additional criteria.

• be Aboriginal people (non-negotiable)
• be employed as or training to be an Aboriginal Health Worker (non-negotiable)
• can negotiate to be released from their employer to undertake off-site intensive training (non-negotiable)
• are currently or going to be involved in ear and hearing health services in a primary health care setting (preferable)
• has undertaken the ear and hearing equipment professional development training (preferable).

Workshop locations and dates

Registrations to attend the Ear and Hearing Skill Set Training in your state or territory are now open. Training will be delivered in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart (depending on numbers participating organisations from Tasmania may choose to attend training in Melbourne).

State Training               Block Location Dates                        RTO
QLD Intensive Block 1 Brisbane Closed 1 June – 5 June TBA
QLD Intensive Block 2 Brisbane Closed 15 June – 19 June TBA
NT Intensive Block 1 Darwin 29 June – 3 July TBA
NT Intensive Block 2 Darwin 13 July – 17 July TBA
QLD Intensive Block 1 Cairns QLD 27 July – 31 July TBA
QLD Intensive Block 2 Cairns QLD 17 Aug – 21 Aug TBA
WA Intensive Block 1 Perth 20 July – 24 July TBA
WA Intensive Block 2 Perth 10 Aug – 14 Aug TBA
WA Intensive Block 1 Port Hedland 24 Aug – 28 Aug TBA
WA Intensive Block 2 Port Hedland 14 Sep – 18 Sep TBA
NSW Intensive Block 1 Dubbo 3 Aug – 7 Aug TBA
NSW Intensive Block 2 Dubbo 7 Sep – 11 Sep TBA
VIC Intensive Block 1 Melbourne 29 Jun – 3 Jul TBA
VIC Intensive Block 2 Melbourne 10 Aug – 14 Aug TBA
NSW Intensive Block 1 Sydney 31 Aug – 4 Sep TBA
NSW Intensive Block 2 Sydney 21 Sep – 25 Sep TBA

It is expected that participants will attend training in their state/territory and within their regional area.

Participants must attend and complete both blocks to complete the Hearing and Hearing Skillset training.

Training venue and accommodation for each workshop will be advised closer to the date.

Participant Fees and Reimbursement Arrangements

Cost is $4,985 per participant payable directly to the RTO. This cost covers all meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch afternoon tea and dinner) during both training blocks; participants travel; accommodation (in some instance this may be share arrangements); and all RTO course fees and working materials (handbooks).

Eligible ACCHO’s (please see dropped down list) will be reimbursed the full training fee amount from NACCHO following proof of attendance and successful completion of your registered AHW for the two training weeks.

To ensure that your organisation receives the full reimbursement, students must attend and successfully complete both training blocks. There will be no pro-rata amounts reimbursed.


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