Apunipima Press Release: Apunipima publishes Pre Election Charter

Apunipima Charter

Apunipima Cape York Health Council has today published its Pre-Election Charter outlining what it expects of the next State Government.

The Charter calls on the next State government to:

  1. Develop and implement a Cape York Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan
  2. Reinvest current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  3. Provide better access to comprehensive primary health care to ensure better health outcomes

Apunipima’s Chief Executive, Cleveland Fagan said, “Our Charter provides an opportunity for all candidates, politicians and parties to commit to taking specific action that is Community driven and led to enable Cape York people to live as long as other Queenslanders.

“There are three key areas of opportunity for political parties to make a real difference to the lives of Cape York.  We are calling for better access to healthcare under a coordinated plan that is resourced appropriately and is community led.

“We know that the health care that is currently being provided is undertaken in an ineffective way and quite often through acute primary care investment and management.  Without a consolidated plan the most vulnerable, the first nation people of the State will continue to suffer a disparity in health and the gap in life expectancy will continue to widen.

“A reinvestment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comprehensive primary health care funding through the framework of transition to community control would see a more coordinated, efficient and effective use of the funding. Whereby the reinvestment will provide comprehensive primary health care the community based, led and driven that aligned to community’s cultural, gender and social constructs. This will lead to better outcomes for Cape York people.

“When considering the people in the Seat of Cook, the life expectancy gap is already wider than other Queensland counter parts and the measures proposed would go a long way to reducing that gap aiming to increase wellbeing for all.”.

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