NACCHO Close the Gap project : Aboriginal student treks Sydney to Uluru and back again to raise awareness Close the gap

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Youth Trek to the Red Centre for Aboriginal  Health


Macquarie University Aboriginal student Coen Tate, from the Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies is  on a 5,500km ‘Trek to the Red Centre’, which is a walk starting from the Sydney Opera House to Uluru and back in order to fundraise for Oxfam’s Close the Gap campaign, and raise awareness about the situation facing Aboriginal  Australia.

NACCHO is asking all our members to please donate or assist along the way

See dates for his visits to ACCHO members below

The situation of Indigenous health is appalling, with the life expectancy up to 17 years less than non-Indigenous Australians, infant mortality at three times as high, and a third of Australia’s 600,000 strong Indigenous population not expected to reach 45 years of age.

Coen is hoping that the walk raises both funds for Close the Gap, as well awareness in people’s minds of the status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, injustice, and other social issues.


National Close the Gap day 20 March 2014 for more info HERE

The walk saw the the duo embark from the Sydney Opera House on Monday 16th December, and  lead them over the Blue Mountains, through Bathurst, Condoblin, Ivanhoe, Broken Hill (amongst other towns and communities), through the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, up the Oodnadatta Track to the Stuart Highway and on to Uluru… and back again.

How Aboriginal Community Contolled Health Organisations can help ?

Where NACCHO appears next to a town that means that there is a National Aboriginal Community Control Health Organisation affiliated medical organisation or service at that location.

Here are details on the two ways…

Hey guys! Coen here with details on the two ways to donate:
1. General donation: a donation that goes straight to Oxfam’s Close the Gap
2. Fund the Trek: a donation with the phrase “Fund the Trek” in the description/note, which will go straight to buying food and supplies for the Trek
We appreciate all your support guys. Let’s walk together.

(departed Sydney Opera House 16/12/2013)

[Sydney Opera House to Parkes: 354km]

Condobolin: 13-14/01/2014 (101km) NACCHO
Lake Cargelligo: 16-17/01/2014 (92km) NACCHO
Hillston: 19-20/01/2014 (91km)
Ivanhoe: 23-24/01/2014 (148km)
Menindee: 28-29/01/2014 (206km)
Broken Hill: 31/01/2014-01/02/2014 (113km)
Yunta: 05-06/02/2014 (198km)
Peterborough: 07-08/02/2014 (86km)
Hawker: 11-12/02/2014 (143km)
Leigh Creek: 15-16/02/2014 (155km)
Marree: 18-19/02/2014 (118km)
Bopeechee: 20-21/02/2014 (69km)
William Creek: 24-25/02/2014 (135km)
Oodnadatta: 01-02/03/2014 (199km)
Marla: 06-07/03/2014 (210km)
Kulgera Roadhouse: 11-12/03/2014 (179km)
Erldunda: 13-14/03/2014 (74km)
Curtin Springs: 17-18/03/2014 (149km)
Uluru: 20/03/2014 (94km) NACCHO

(departing Uluru 31/03/2014)

Curtin Springs: 02-03/04/2014 (94km)
Erldunda: 06-07/04/2014 (149km)
Kulgera Roadhouse: 08-09/04/2015 (74km)
Marla: 13-14/04/2014 (179km)
Coober Pedy: 19-20/04/2014 (234km) NACCHO
Glendambo: 25-26/04/2014 (253km)
Pimba (Woomera): 28-29/04/2014 (113km)
Port Augusta: 03-04/05/2014 (173km) NACCHO
Peterborough: 07-08/05/2014 (146km)
Yunta: 09-10/05/2014 (86km)
Broken Hill: 14-15/05/2014 (198km)
Wilcannia: 19-20/05/2014 (196km)
Tilpa: 22-23/05/2014 (127km)
Bourke: 27-28/05/2014 (192km) NACCHO
Brewarrina: 30-31/05/2014 (97km) NACCHO
Walgett: 02-03/06/2014 (132km) NACCHO
Coonamble: 05-06/06/2014 (115km) NACCHO
Gilgandra: 08-09/06/2014 (96km)
Dubbo: 10-11/06/2014 (63km)
Wellington: 12-13/06/2014 (52km) NACCHO
Orange: 15-16/06/2014 (99km) NACCHO
Bathurst: 17-18/06/2014 (55km)
Lithgow: 19-20/06/2014 (59km)
Katoomba: 21-22/06/2014 (39km)
Sydney Opera House: 24/06/2014 (101km)

Total kilometres: 6,030km

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