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Telehealth Infrastructure Support Grants 2013 Round 2 January 2014

NACCHO has received funds from the Department of Health and Ageing under the Telehealth Delivery Project to provide services with grants that will allow them to purchase the necessary infrastructure to undertake Telehealth consultations between specialists and patients.

The grant funding under Round 2 is for amounts up to $7,000 (GST inclusive) to be provided to eligible Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.

Services that have been successful in receiving a Telehealth Infrastructure Support Grant from Round 1 will not be eligible to apply.

To ensure all successful member services purchase their Telehealth Infrastructure and are reimbursed in a timely manner it is advised that all applications meet the current dates as outlined in both in this document and the applications form.

Download HERE (3 word files in TELEHEALTH SECTION)

Information Pack

Application form

Draft contract

 Infrastructure eligible for grant support

Infrastructure under this grant includes:

  • Computers and associated video conferencing equipment such as cameras, speakers, monitors, monitor stands, etc.
  • Specialised applications.
  • Specialised medical equipment.
    • Supporting back end equipment (servers, databases, virtualisation application etc).
    • High speed networks equipment (Modems, Switches, Routers, cables) for land-based connections.
    • Satellite equipment (satellite dish, bracket, cables, decoders) for satellite-based connections.
  • Infrastructure installation costs.
  • Internet service provision costs.
  • Reasonable transport costs to get equipment to your service.

Making an application

To apply for funding you will need to fill out and sign the application form outlining the costs of the equipment and /or services you would like to purchase to assist you with Telehealth implementation. You will also need to get a quote that specifies costs for each item. All applications must be received by NACCHO by 27 January 2014.


Quotes for the items you propose to purchase must be scanned and attached to the application. If scanning the quote/s is not possible, please make a note of this in the application and post copies of the quotes to NACCHO via Australia Post. Please make sure that they reach NACCHO within 5 business days of the closing date of the grant application process.

Submission of applications

Completed and signed applications must be received by NACCHO no later than 27 January 2014 by email to Troy Combo: or by mail to Troy Combo at PO Box 3205 South Brisbane 4101.

Notification of success of application

 Applicants will be notified by 3 February 2014 if their application has been approved. A contract for the approved amount will be sent for signing by the person of authority at your service and needs to be returned to NACCHO it will then be counter-signed by NACCHO then a fully signed copy of the contract will be sent to your service.

Payment of funds

Funds will be paid on receipt of an invoice supported by copies of receipts indicating that the agreed purchases have been made.

NACCHO will not pay more than the agreed amount for items as specified in the quote/s that were submitted with the application.

It is required to provide documentary evidence by 7 February 2014 for your service to be reimbursed the agreed amount as stated in the contract.


Contact Troy Combo on (07) 3328 8500 or


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The NACCHO App contains a geo locator, which will help you find the nearest Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation in your area and automatically creates a number to call .

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