NACCHO training news:New Aboriginal health curriculum module for doctors released


The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), through its Hospital Skills Program (HSP), has released a new curriculum module focused on Aboriginal Health.

DOWNLOAD a copy of the curriculum module

The HSP is a professional development program for doctors working in the NSW public health system with at least two years of clinical postgraduate experience and not currently participating in a specialist vocational training program.

This group includes Career Medical Officers, multi-skilled Medical Officers, Senior Resident Medical Officers, Hospitalists and GP Visiting Medical Officers.

The curriculum provides a framework for the purpose of improving the health of Aboriginal people and communities.

The module development process was led by a group consisting of an Aboriginal health director, an Aboriginal health educator, non-specialist doctors with experience in working with Aboriginal patients and communities in metropolitan, regional and rural areas, and a curriculum writer.

The process was collaborative, consultative and an immensely enjoyable one according to Clinical Chair of the HSP and module development team member, Dr Simon Leslie.

“Collaborating with Aboriginal colleagues and fellow clinicians to explore and understand the social determinants of health inequity in the process of developing a curriculum in Aboriginal Health was an inspiring and rewarding experience,” said Dr Leslie.

Regular working group meetings provided a forum for team members to share different perspectives, expertise and knowledge.

“Although our curriculum is only one small step towards closing the gap, I regard my participation as an honour and privilege; a true highlight of my professional career. More than anything I enjoyed the humour, passion and down to earth nature of my new Aboriginal friends and to have earned their respect was the highest of rewards.”


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