Invitation to attend National Stakeholder Consultations 2013-Mental illness


ATAPS Increasing Efficiency National Stakeholder Consultations 2013

April 2008 a review of the Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program identified four key areas for the program to focus on to better meet the needs of consumers experiencing mental illness.  

These four areas were better addressing service gaps, increasing efficiency, encouraging innovation and improving quality.

Initial implementation of review recommendations involved ATAPS moving to a new population-based funding model in which funding is allocated on an equitable basis according to relative need.  

The review also foreshadowed that the Department would move towards improving the efficiency of ATAPS service provision in a form that would complement the population-based funding model.

The Department is planning to complement the population-based funding formula with the introduction of increasing efficiency measures to ATAPS Tier 1 services in stages.  

Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA)—an independent organisation that provides specialised management consulting services to the Australian health industry—has been engaged to explore feasible options for enhancing the efficiency of the ATAPS program, specifically through the introduction and implementation of an efficiency model for Tier 1 activity; taking into consideration the whole cost of delivering ATAPS Tier 1 services, and the development of efficient business models for ATAPS fund holders.  

The work undertaken by HMA to date has included a review and analysis of ATAPS financial and activity data for the 2010-11 financial year; and initial stakeholder consultations with a cross-section of ATAPS fund holders, peak bodies for mental health professionals and the Department—all of which has informed the development of a consultation paper, which will be available in mid January 2013.

The Department is now seeking involvement from stakeholders to participate in the national stakeholder consultations.

The purpose of the national stakeholder consultations is to:
·        explain the initial findings of the analysis of ATAPS Tier 1 financial and activity data for the 2010-11 financial year;
·        present the methodology for choosing a suitable efficiency product;
·        present options for introducing efficiencies for ATAPS Tier 1 services, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each option; and
·        seeking input from the stakeholders around the issues and questions posed at the end of the consultation paper.

Stakeholders interested in contributing to the consultations are encouraged to register for one of the following consultations:  

Brisbane        Wednesday 30 January 2013      
Sydney                Thursday 31 January 2013      
Melbourne        Tuesday 5 February 2013      
Adelaide        Wednesday 6 February 2013      
Perth                Thursday 7 February 2013      

Please click on one of the links above to register your attendance.  The consultation paper will be distributed prior to the consultations.

Please note: attendance at the national consultations is limited to a maximum of three representatives per Medicare Local.

Should you require additional representation, please email your request listing all of your required attendees, their title/position and relationship to the ATAPS program to for consideration by the Department.

Written Submissions

Stakeholders who are unable to attend the consultations but wish to provide feedback, or those who will attend the consultations but wish to provide additional feedback may do so by making a written submission on the consultation paper which will be forwarded to you. Guidelines to assist stakeholders in making a written submission are attached.

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  1. This looks very interesting, I am/have been an ATAPS provider and would have considered attending, must have missed earlier invitation so its too short notice for me to attend (Sydney), however I have noted that written submissions are accepted. Thank you.

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