Aboriginal health movement mourns the loss of the founding father of health economics Gavin Mooney.

Mr Justin Mohamed, Chair of NACCHO representing over 150 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations throughout Australia today paid tribute to Professor Gavin Mooney known as an international founding father of health economics, who along with his wife were tragically killed in Tasmania this week

Mr Mohammed said Gavin will be universally  remembered for his passionate advocacy for equity and social justice at local and global levels , for his championing of citizen’s juries, and for his commitment to Aboriginal health.

“Gavin’s enduring commitment to improving Aboriginal health is what we will remember him for. He worked at both academic and community levels to assist in advancing  Aboriginal community controlled health services.

He championed our call for the need for greater recognition in the funding of Aboriginal health services acknowledging that since Aboriginal health as a construct is holistic then so too should be the services to address Aboriginal ill health.

He further advocated that the issue of cultural security and the barriers that Aboriginal people face in using health services are important in any debate about funding Aboriginal primary health care

His support passion and commitment to the principles and values of our Aboriginal community controlled movement will always be remembered” Mr Mohamed said

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