Personal quit diary of a young Indigenous man plays out on social media

In an innovative personal quit smoking diary, Aboriginal blogger and teacher, Luke Pearson, will use Facebook and Twitter as part of his 20 day quit challenge.

Starting Friday, 30 November, 33 year-old Luke will take over the social media accounts of the Menzies School of Health Research project, No Smokes, to give daily updates on his quit efforts, seek tips and support, and inspire others to follow his lead.

 People can follow Luke’s journey as he tries ‘get quit’ and ‘stay quit’ after nearly 20 years as a smoker.

The activity is particularly relevant, given the ongoing challenge to reduce smoking amongst Indigenous communities.

 Smoking causes one out of every five deaths among Australia’s Indigenous population. More than half of Australia’s Indigenous people smoke compared to less than one fifth of non-Indigenous Australians.

 No Smokes ( is an anti-smoking campaign launched in May, targeting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

 To hear how Luke is going:

What: A personal quit diary plays out on social media

Where: No Smokes Facebook (

and Twitter (

When: Daily updates from 30November – 17 December

Media note: Luke Pearson is available for further comment.

 Media contact: Richmond Hodgson; 08 8922 8598; 0447 275 415



Menzies School of Health Research is a national leader in Indigenous and tropical health research. It is the only medical research institute in the Northern Territory, with more than 300 staff working in over 60 communities across central and northern Australia, as well as developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Menzies is also a significant contributor to health education and research training.

NACCHO projects to reduce smoking in Aboriginal communities

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