NACCHO pharmacist joins live and interactive TV Rural Health Channel 16 October

Do you take your heart tablets everyday as directed by the doctor?

If you don’t, you are not alone.

Research has shown that patients don’t take their heart medicines properly and this has become a significant burden on the health care budget.

Heather Volk, pharmacist with NACCHO joins a panel with Dr Rob Grenfell, Dr Christine Connors and Ms Megan MacDonald, chaired by Dr Norman Swan to discuss some of the reasons for non-adherence to cardiovascular medicines.

Join the Rural Health Education Foundation live interactive panel discussion.

Details of the live broadcast are below.

Non-adherence to cardiovascular medicines has become a large burden on the healthcare system budget; 30% of all prescriptions dispensed in community pharmacies are for CVD, and 20% are for hypertension.

Adherence to cardiovascular medicines ranges from 11% to 83%, depending on the condition being treated and medicine type

  • Some level of nonadherence is to be expected
  • Poor adherence has a direct impact on patients’ absolute CVD risk levels
  • Health professionals can positively impact patients behaviour
  • Collaborative decision making with patients improves adherence

This program examines the underlying issues as to why patients struggle to adhere to medications and lifestyle changes.

Hear the latest evidence on strategies that have been proven to help and learn what you can do to improve your patients’ adherence and achieve better health outcomes for them.

Live Interactive Panel Discussion

Chair: Dr Norman Swan

Dr Rob Grenfell – Rural GP and Clinical Director Heart Foundation

Dr Christine Connors – Chronic Conditions Unit, NT Health

Ms Heather Volk – QUMAX Program Manager,NACCHO

Ms Megan MacDonald – Registered Nurse, SA

Accredited with ACRRM, RACGP & RCNA.

CPD points also available from other professional organisations.

 This program is funded by MSD Australia

Rural Health Channel

Tuesday 16th October, 2012

Watch live: Channel 600 on VAST

8:00pm NSW, ACT, VIC & TAS

7:30pm SA

7:00pm QLD

6:30pm NT

5:00pm WA

Watch again:

Thursday 18th October 2pm (AEDT)

& online

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