Training workshop opportunity for Aboriginal Tobacco Action Workers thoughout Australia

CEITC are inviting Aboriginal health organisations throughout Australia to register their interest in hosting a 2‐day training workshop for Tobacco Action Workers and/or Health Workers in Tobacco Control.

These workshops aim to cover the basics of tobacco control activity.

 Areas covered include:

– Smoking Matters – Helping people to Quit

– Community Development – Developing a work plan and successful project

– Smoke‐free workplace Policy – Event Planning

– Evaluation

CEITC will provide trainers and supply all training materials at no cost. Any other expenses (such as venue, catering) are covered by the host organisation. Participant travel, accommodation and any other associated costs are covered by the respective participating organisations.

CEITC are currently negotiating to hold a number of workshops over the coming months in Launceston, Darwin, Alice Springs, Broome and Brisbane.

It may be possible to include additional participants at these workshops and we would therefore invite you to register your interest. Participation would be subject to approval from the host organisations.

If your organisation wishes to host a workshop or you are a Tobacco Action Worker who would like to attend a workshop please contact:

Terry James on (03) 9035 8222

or send an email to to register your interest.

CETIC website update

The CEITC website at has undergone a revamp which includes a new section called strategies to tackle smoking:‐tackle‐smoking

If you are working or studying in areas that deal with Indigenous tobacco control CEITC invites you to become a member of their CEITC Indigenous Tobacco Control Interest Group; give them a call on

(03) 8344 0883 or

Email ceitc‐

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