Save a date Canberra seminars:Contextualising SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING as part of Indigenous Health and Healing

AIATSIS Seminar Series: Semester 2, 2012

Contextualising SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING as part of Indigenous Health and Healing


Social Emotional Wellbeing is an important aspect of Indigenous Health and Healing. It encompasses a whole-of-life health perspective, bringing together Land, Sea, Culture, Community and the Individual in both physical and mental health.

The Australian Government is currently working on the revised Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework; a national strategic framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s mental health and social and emotional wellbeing.

The Framework is due to be completed by the end of this calendar year.

The Framework will feed into the Australian Mental Health road map.

This seminar series will look at the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework from a community perspective, giving insight into how the concept of Social Emotional Wellbeing from an Indigenous viewpoint has influenced services provision and programs, and how these have delivered incredible results.

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20/8 Helen Rankin
Indigenous Mental Health and
Social & Emotional Wellbeing
Department of Health and
Ageing (DoHA)
The importance of Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing to government (in the
context of the Framework).
27/8 Jason King
National Aboriginal
Community Controlled Health
Organisation (NACCHO)
Aboriginal Medical Services’ involvement in developing and implementing Indigenous
Social and emotional wellbeing initiatives.
3/9 Adele Cox
Youth Suicide Prevention
Indigenous youth suicide prevention (and linkages to social and emotional wellbeing).
10/9 Tony Lee
Headspace, Melbourne
Youth mental health services (Australia-wide) (and linkages to social and emotional
17/9 Pat Dudgeon
Aboriginal Mental Health
The Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework 2009-2011: current status.
24/9 Robert Brooks
Healing Foundation
Recent research undertaken on Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing;
involvement of the Healing Foundation in re-establishing a Social and Emotional
Wellbeing Framework.
1/10   No Seminar (Public Holiday)
8/10   No Seminar (Public Holiday)
15/10 Hazel MartinNational Stolen Generations Alliance Connecting members of the Stolen Generations back to community – how this affects the social and emotional wellbeing of the whole community, not just the individual.
22/10 Siani JonesNational Sorry Day Committee NSDC school initiatives – the importance of education in allowing the truth to come out.
29/10 Lionel GregoryLink-up ServicesYorgum, WA The importance of a holistic view: connecting people back to family, country and
language and how this improves the community and individual’s social and emotional
5/11 Rod StroudAIATSIS Family History Unit Improving the social and emotional wellbeing of both the returning individual and also of the family/community who had lost the individual.

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