NACCHO NEWS:Ask the PM a question about Aboriginal health

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Hangout with the Prime Minister

On July 21st, Deakin University, Google+, Fairfax and OurSay are hosting an Australian first: Prime Minister Julia Gillard will answer questions about

Aboriginal Health

In a “Google Hangout”, an internationally live web broadcast.

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The three people who ask the most popular questions will join Prime Minister Julia Gillard for a Hangout moderated by Fairfax political reporter Misha Schubert.

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6 comments on “NACCHO NEWS:Ask the PM a question about Aboriginal health

  1. Prime Minister, there continue to be widespread misunderstandings about what “Primary Health Care” is. According to accepted definitions by the “World Health Organisation”, the “Ottawa Charter” and others, Australia is not providing true primary health care to Aboriginal people in remote communities. What will the government do to support further training for Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Community Workers and training for young Aboriginal people who would consider a career in Aboriginal health if they had the support, not only of their communities, but also of government funding and a culturally appropriate Registered Training Organisation like Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS)?

  2. Prime Minister, for the last 40 years Aboriginal Medical Services have provided a level of care not seen elsewhere in this country to Aboriginal Communities, when will the government recognise this and fund AMS’s appropriately and adequately.

    Jason B King
    Interim CEO

  3. Prime Minister, the Commonwealth responsibilities under the COAG Action Plan on Mental Health 2006-2011 included a $20.8 million commitment over 5 years to train Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, counsellors and other clinic staff to respond more effectively to mental illness. We understand under this initiative eleven mental health worker positions were established. As there are over 300 Aboriginal Health Workers employed in Aboriginal Community Controlled health services, what will your Government be going to ensure capacity is built in community controlled health services to work with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community?

    From Josie May

  4. Prime Minister, in your Close the Gap reports you emphasis new ways of working together with Indigenous people through engagement and mutual respect, responsibility, collaboration and partnership. That is commendable at the political level, yet lost in translation at the administrative level when dealing with public servants who often have no experience in Indigenous affairs. The efficiency dividend is impacting on the public service numbers and morale. How will you ensure that ‘mutual respect and partnership’ continues to be demonstrated to improve Indigenous disadvantage?

  5. Prime Minister, NACCHO commends your Government on the Australian Government’s funding commitment to the COAG Closing the Gap National Partnership Agreements with the States and Territory. This is due to lapse in 2013. Given that many of the targets are more then a parliamentary term away, what will your Government be doing and funding to ensure that progress with the States/ Territories is not lost – particularly given the number of Coalition State governments now comprising COAG?

  6. Debbie Chen

    How can Fresh food and security to remote and isolated indigenous communities in QLd be addressed?

    When can there be Affordable prices for fresh food etc remote And isolated indigenous communities in QLD?

    What policies and /or strategies are in place if any to reach the above mentioned questions?

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