Ear Health Workforce Project for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

Implementation of training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers began in December 2012 in Perth with the first state professional development equipment training  (PD Training) being hosted by local NACCHO member, Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service.

 A total of 22 health workers from WA attended this training with a special guest presentation by Dr Harvey Coates. 

 In February 2012, AHCWA hosted the first delivery of the National Aboriginal Ear and Hearing Health Skill.

 Since then, Booroongen Djugun College and QATSIWEPAC and KAMSC have delivered the Health Skill Set. 

 To date, a total of about 45 AHWs have received training in the National Skill Set.  QATSIHWEPAC in Cairns hosted the second PD training where 23 participants received hands-on training on the ear health equipment by trainers.

 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workers from the ACCHS and Community Health Services around Australia are eligible to assess the National Skill Set.  Inquiries can be made with participating members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Regional Training Organisations (ATSIHRTONN) that are located in each state and territory. 

 During the implementation phase, NACCHO will work with the Project Advisory Group members to develop a support and mentoring model in the aim of continuing development of AHWs in ear and hearing health programs. 

 The first PAG meeting was held in Adelaide in March 2012 followed by a National Trainers Workshop that provided further information of the types of support and mentoring needs as well as looking at training pathways for AHWs.

 RTOs will be delivering training from May to November 2012 and two PD trainings to be held between this time.

 A full report on the Australian Otitis Media Conference in Perth 2-4 May will appear on the next communique.

 For further infomation contact

Tricia Elarde
National Coordinator
Ear and Hearing Health Workforce Project
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Secretariat
02 6248 0644

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