Feb 2012 CEO report-Smoke–Free Project

NACCHO Secretariat Smoke Free Workplace Policy

 NACCHO is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees / volunteers and visitors; therefore NACCHO has developed a smoke-free workplace policy.

 Start up: As at 1 March 2012 NACCHO will be a smoke-free workplace. Smoking will not be permitted in any area the NACCHO facilities, this includes NACCHO vehicles. By doing this the organisation aims to eliminate the possible exposure to tobacco on NACCHO property and facilities.

 Affiliates meeting: NACCHO’s Smoke Free Project Officer attended a National tobacco Network meeting in early February 2012.The purpose of the meeting was to instigate regular communication between all teams about Tobacco control initiatives, and provide advice and support on the implementation of programs. 

 National Tobacco Technical Reference Group: NACCHO has received the proposed schedule for the Tobacco Technical Reference Group meetings for the year.


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