Feb 2012 CEO report-Close the Gap Program

Training for COAG workforce: NACCHO’s CTG Project Officer participated in a meeting convened by QAIHC and IUIH aimed at developing and supporting, access to training options for the COAG workforce. The meeting group has been looking at developing a training curriculum or a skill set that will address all the training and qualification needs for Healthy Lifestyle workers (HLW), Aboriginal Outreach Workers (AOW) and Tobacco Action Workers (TAW). 

 Nursing Scholarships: NACCHO has been working in partnership with Royal College of Nursing Australia to develop strategies and approaches from further promotion of the two scholarships that they are administering on behalf of DoHA targeted at AMSs.  The scholarships are for nursing students to undertake clinical placement at an AMS and the other scholarship is for nurses and midwives working in AMSs to access a scholarship to undertake professional development.  One of the main changes is that from February 2012 they will be leaving the scholarships open all year round and they will be assessed at the end of each month, rather then have two set times a year with limited uptake.

 AGPN: NACCHO is developing working partnership with Australian General Practice Network (AGPN) about maintaining the national network that was initiated at the national workshop for AOW held by NACCHO in June 2011 as well as ensuring that there are appropriate support mechanisms for AOW in both sectors.

 IHPO Network: The IHPO national network last met in October 2011 at QAIHC office in Brisbane, they envisage having their next face to face in March 2012 to be held at AHCWA office in Perth.  

 Communications: NACCHO is constructing an electronic newsletter specifically for programs from the ICDP so affiliates and members can share successful and good news stories.


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