NACCHO Chairperson Communique February 2012

Welcome from Justin Mohamed

Welcome to the NACCHO Communiqué reporting back to all our members, affiliates and stakeholders on the first board meeting for 2012 held Sydney 23 February.

It is now the board policy to hold our quarterly board meetings at member’s premises throughout Australia

I believe 2012 will be a strategic year of implementation as we build upon and learn from both our successes and challenges in 2011.

In comparison to this time last year NACCHO is experiencing a stable internal environment which comes from leadership and strategic management of our CEO who together with NACCHO senior staff members are forging stronger and improved relationships with our external partners, while soundly managing the day to day operations and contract deliverables.

NACCHO Into the Future

Together with recent key personnel appointments and project announcements NACCHO has an exciting year ahead that will embrace and enhance all of NACCHO’s Strategic Directions in 2012.

Strategic Direction 1:            Shape the national reform of Aboriginal health.

Strategic Direction 2:            Promote and support high performance and best practice models of culturally appropriate and comprehensive primary health care

Strategic Direction 3:            Promote research that will build evidence-informed best practice in Aboriginal health policy and service delivery.

Priority Areas and Recommendations from the 2011

Members meeting report:  

Key area’s of discussion and consultation include the following:

  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Social Determinants and the NHLF
  • Core Primary Health Care Services
  • NAHA

Activities during this period

1.3 National Congress Australia’s First Peoples: (NCAFP)

The members meeting saw a healthy discussion take place between our membership and the co-chair of the NCAFP, Ms Jody Broun. An outcome of this discussion and to further clarify and improve both our relationship and roles/responsibilities with the NCAFP, the co-chair will be attending NACCHO Board meeting in February with a future aspiration of the respective organisations Boards meeting.

1.4 The Close the Gap Report

On the 15th of Feb I attended the PMs Close the Gap Speech together with the Deputy Chair and CEO at Parliament House. I again had the opportunity to encourage the PM to visit and gain a first hand experience of some of our ACCHS.

1.5 Member Service Visits:

Since the AGM I have had a number of requests from members to visit their services. I am currently working with the CEO and EA develop a coordinated approach in member visits as previously discussed with the Board.

1.6 Tent Embassy 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Together with the CEO and NACCHO staff I had the pleasure of attending and participating in the Tent Embassy 40th Anniversary Celebrations, this included marching and listening to speeches. NACCHO together with Winnunga provided local support to the Tent Embassy in recognition to their contribution in Aboriginal Affairs.

1.7 NACCHO and Deadly Choices Cup and the NRL All-Stars Game

As you would be aware NACCHO co-sponsored the NACCHO and Deadly Choices Cup, coordinated by QAIHC in conjunction with AH&MRC. The match was a prelude to the All Stars Game in Gold Coast. This event has the potential to be a significant calendar event into the future as it provides a unique opportunity to promote our Sector and healthy choices i.e. non-smoking, no- alcohol event. It also has the potential to be translated into other sporting codes i.e. AFL

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